November 5, 2023

How to Create an Inviting Makeup Vanity


How to create an inviting makeup vanity | Salina Beasley

In the hurry of my daily routine, my makeup vanity often becomes nothing more than a functional dumping ground for tissues, applicators, and yesterday’s coffee mugs. We hastily address our skincare needs, apply our makeup, and barely make it out the door on time, often overlooking the potential for a more gratifying experience.

Imagine if your daily beauty ritual became a captivating multi-sensory journey–your makeup vanity serving as the setting for relaxation and transformation. By creating an inviting makeup vanity, you can elevate your beauty routine with these simple tips.

What is an Inviting Makeup Vanity

An inviting makeup vanity is a practical yet comforting space, designed to make your beauty routine more enjoyable and efficient. The seating is comfortable, encouraging you to take your time and enjoy the process. Aromatherapy, soothing music, and soft textures add a touch of luxury to your daily routine. And, of course, it’s personalized with your unique style and favorite decor, making it a space that’s both functional and inviting.

I get to do my makeup | Salina Beasley

Rather than sighing in disgust, “Ugh! I have to put on my makeup”, imagine looking forward to this ritual of self-compassion! What if you approached your makeup routine as a catalyst for emotional healing with a deep sigh of relief saying, “Ah! I get to do my makeup!”

Here’s What You Need for an Inviting Makeup Vanity

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Here are a few of my favorite things to have at my beauty station to keep it inspiring and inviting, allowing me to look forward to getting ready each day.

How to Create an Inviting Makeup Vanity


— Set the Stage
The first step in creating a multi-sensory beauty haven is choosing the right location for your makeup vanity. Ideally, you want a spot with ample natural light, which is perfect for makeup application. Placing your vanity near a window not only allows for better visibility but also connects you to the outside world as you beautify.

6:33— Lighting + Mirrors
The lighting in your vanity area is crucial. It should be adjustable to suit different makeup tasks. Natural light is ideal for makeup application. Experiment with different lighting options, such as warm or cool LED bulbs, to find the ambiance that suits you best.

How to create an inviting makeup vanity | Salina Beasley

9:58— Scent + Aromatherapy
To truly elevate your beauty routine, engage your sense of smell. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool for relaxation and mood enhancement. Choose scents that relax, invigorate, or inspire you, creating an atmosphere that’s perfect for your daily beauty ritual.

11:50— Sound + Music
What’s a multi-sensory experience without some soothing tunes? Music can set the mood and create a calming atmosphere. Compile a playlist of your favorite songs or select instrumental music to accompany your beauty ritual. Curate a podcast or audiobook library or listen to Scripture read aloud. If you’re looking to take it to the next level, invest in wireless speakers or headphones for an immersive auditory experience.

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14:43— Texture + Touch Don’t overlook the tactile aspects of your beauty routine. Ensure you have a soft and silky robe, a range of high-quality brushes for flawless application, and comfortable seating for you to settle into. Soft textures add to the overall sensory experience, making your routine more indulgent.

15:54— Taste + Refreshment While you’re pampering all your other senses, why not indulge your sense of taste too? Keep your favorite beverages or snacks within arm’s reach on your vanity. A refreshing drink or a small snack can make your beauty routine even more enjoyable. It’s the little details that make the difference.

Create space for yourself to simply be a human being quote | Salina Beasley

17:27— Personalization + Aesthetics Make your makeup vanity uniquely yours. Personalize your space with art, decor, and mementos that reflect your style and personality. Your vanity is not just a workspace; it’s a sanctuary, a space that speaks to who you are.

20:18— How About You? Your beauty routine doesn’t have to be a mundane task. With a multi-sensory makeup vanity makeover, it can become a daily indulgence. The right location, lighting, scent, sound, texture, taste, organization, and personalization can turn your vanity into a haven for beauty and relaxation.


Tips for Creating an Inviting Makeup Vanity

I just know you are going to love having this practical an inspiring space to use each day. Before you get started creating an inviting makeup vanity, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Proper Mirror Placement: Ensure your vanity mirror is positioned at the right height and angle for you to comfortably view your face during makeup application, eliminating any awkward stretching or straining.
  2. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance: Keep your makeup vanity clean and well-maintained to create an inviting atmosphere. Dusting, wiping down surfaces, and decluttering regularly will make the space more appealing.
  3. Functional Decor: Select decor items that not only reflect your style but also serve a practical purpose, such as brush holders, makeup organizers, or shelves for easy access to your essentials. This adds both personality and functionality to your vanity area.

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