September 13, 2023

Choosing the Right Foundation: A Step-by-Step Journey Through the Skin Shade Chart

Choosing the Right Foundation | Salina Beasley

Are you tired of struggling with foundation that doesn’t quite match your skin tone, leaving you feeling like a makeup mismatch? We’ve all been there, but fear not! Choosing the right foundation can be a breeze when you know how to navigate the skin shade chart with confidence.

Here’s What You Need to Choose the Right Foundation Shade

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Foundation coverage comes in liquid, cream, compact powder, tinted moisturizer, loose powder, or CC Cream. “CC” stands for “Complexion Corrector.” Your foundation should evenly cover the surface of the entire face from your hairline to beneath your jawline in a shade that most closely matches your natural skin tone. Choose a medium to full-coverage liquid foundation with a matte finish for the best on-camera results. Ideally, you want to apply a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone and undertone.

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Timestamps for Choosing the Right Foundation

  • 5:23How to find foundation formulas for the camera
    To find the best foundation formulas for the camera, it’s essential to prioritize products that offer a matte or satin finish, as these reduce unwanted shine and provide a smooth texture that photographs well. Opt for foundations with buildable coverage to ensure your skin looks flawless without appearing too heavy on screen. By choosing coverage formulated for your skin type, you can achieve a camera-ready complexion for any occasion.
  • 9:10How to use the Skin Shade Chart
    The skin shade chart is a simple and effective tool for finding your perfect foundation match. Compare your skin tone to the shades on the chart, selecting the one that closely resembles your natural color. When shopping for foundation online or from a high-end brand such as Estée Lauder Double Wear or Lancôme Teint Idôle Classic Long Wear Foundation, it may help to narrow down the selections if you can identify your skin undertone, which can be warm, cool, or neutral. To find your skin’s undertone, take my 5-question, 1-minute Skin Undertone Quiz.
Skin undertones quiz | Salina Beasley

  • 16:23Try this no-fail shade matcher test to find your perfect foundation shade.
    This shade matcher test is a quick and easy method to determine your ideal foundation shade. Simply apply thin stripes of different foundation shades along your jawline, ideally in natural light, to see which one seamlessly blends into your skin. This test allows you to find the perfect match that will provide a natural and flattering finish, ensuring your makeup complements your complexion flawlessly.

how to choose the right foundation shade | Salina Beasley

Here Are Some Bonus Tips for Choosing the Right Foundation:

  • Shade match in natural light:
    Try to access the brightest light to ensure you’re applying coverage evenly. Natural light is best, but a brightly lit vanity will work fine too.
  • Order of application is essential:
    Apply liquids and creams first, followed by powders and setting spray. Avoid using creams on top of powders. Otherwise, you may end up with a messy consistency and uneven coverage.
  • Non-SPF coverage is best for the camera:
    Avoid coverage formulas that contain SPF because they can interfere with the camera flash resulting in an unattractive white cast in your photographs. Instead, include SPF in your skincare routine, but choose an SPF-free foundation coverage. 

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