September 6, 2023

Makeup for Deep-Set Eyes

Makeup for Deep-Set Eyes | Salina Beasley

Makeup for deep-set eyes has never been easier. If you’ve ever felt like your eyes were hiding their full potential, you’re not alone! Deep-set eyes are like the hidden treasure of the makeup world. Get ready to unlock their secrets and turn your deep-set eyes into showstoppers!

Here’s What You’ll Need to Apply Makeup for Deep-Set Eyes

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I have great news for you if you’ve always felt shy about putting color on your lids. You can pull off a dramatic look with a deep-set eye. Check out this color palette I curated for my green-eyed model for this makeup tutorial for deep-set eyes.

Makeup color palette for green eyes | Salina Beasley
Base– mid-tone or neutral eyeshadow; Accent– dark / high-contrast eyeshadow;
Highlight– light / neutral eyeshadow

The secret sauce to professional-looking makeup for deep-set eyes is to focus the highlight shade on the center and inner corner of the eyelid. Several of my students have had great success with the Naked eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay. This palette is a great example of colors that can pull off a soft glam makeup look for deep-set eyes. Remember to use a matte finish when applying eye makeup for the camera.

Eyeshadow Palette for Deep-Set Eyes | Salina Beasley

Extreme Close-Up: How to Look Great on Camera (Part 4)

This is so much easier than I thought! – Kaci, Davignon (makeup model)

In this makeup tutorial, I’m sharing all my best tips, tricks, and techniques that will leave you saying, “Why didn’t I try this sooner?” In fact, when I first met our deep-set eye model, Kaci Davignon, she said she had no idea how to do her makeup. Within minutes of applying her makeup for deep-set eyes, she said, “Wow. This is so much easier than I thought.”

Music to this makeup coach’s ears.

Timestamps for Makeup for Deep-Set Eyes

5:18What is a deep-set eye?
Understanding the anatomy of deep-set eyes and how to work with their unique features is a critical part of making the most of this gorgeous eye shape. Deep-set eyes have readily seen eyelids and prominent brow bones. The application modifications for deep-set eyes will help the brow bones to appear less noticeable. 

5:50How to apply eyeshadow on a deep-set eye
Focuses depth and dimension on the lid. Start with a mid-tone base shade. Go above the crease blending the color to push away the brow bone. Then, in the same color, start to create definition on the lid and close to the outer edge to add drama and shape.  With your accent shade, stipple the color onto the outer corner of the eye. Then, blend it out and up to add depth and drama to the look. Use the lighter shade towards the inner eye and the darker/ more dramatic shades toward the outer corner. Blend it towards the center—layer the color until you reach your desired intensity.

13:28How to apply eyeliner and mascara for a deep-set eye
Make the eyeliner distinctive with as much darkness right at the lash line as possible. Aim to get between the lashes to tight line the eye and make them look even more captivating. Remember: Drama comes from defining the lash line to achieve a bolder look for the camera. 

For someone who said they had no idea what they were doing when it comes to makeup, check out these gorgeous results!

Makeup for Deep-Set Eyes | Salina Beasley

Here are Some Tips To Apply Makeup for Deep-Set Eyes:

  • Apply concealer or tinted eyeshadow primer to the eyelid. Everyone has discoloration on their eyelids. So it’s essential to conceal, especially with a deep-set eye, to get rid of any darkness on the lid. With the deep-set eye, always keep the lid light to bring the eye forward.
  • Try using an S-Curler. Many times, you will need a more detailed eyelash curler to draw the lashes up and out. A regular curler in a deep side eye often does not fit in as well. Here is my recommendation for an S-Curl Eyelash Curler.
  • Say buh-bye to the smokey eye.  You can pull off a dramatic look with a deep-set eye. But, unfortunately, the smokey approach on a deep side-eye will close the eye off. The goal of makeup for deep-set eyes is to draw the eye forward. Therefore, be sure to keep the lid light and bright.

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