August 22, 2023

Glam Makeup for Hooded Eyes (Extreme Close-Up Makeup Lesson Series– Part 2)

Glam Makeup for Hooded Eyes 
| Salina Beasley

Glam makeup for hooded eyes has never been easier to master. If you are looking to achieve a dazzling and sophisticated look that’s sure to turn heads, you are going to love this makeup lesson. In the world of glamour and beauty, it can be frustrating to find makeup tutorials that specifically tailor looks for individuals with hooded eyes. There is an art to enhancing this unique eye shape in a way that captures a glamorous makeup style that perfectly complements your features.

Here’s What You’ll Need for Glam Makeup for Hooded Eyes

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This glam makeup look for hooded eyes is inspired by the Sultry Glam Makeup Look which focuses the color intensity on the eyes and the lips. These three eyeshadows combine to create a smokey eye look that will make your hooded eyes pop.

eyeshadow for brown eyes | Salina Beasley
Base– mid-tone or neutral eyeshadow; Accent– dark / high-contrast eyeshadow;
Highlight– light / neutral eyeshadow

The Nudes of New York eyeshadow palette by Maybelline is a great example of colors that can pull off a sultry glam makeup look for hooded eyes. Remember to use a matte finish when applying eye makeup for the camera.

Maybeline Nudes of New York eyeshadow palette | Salina Beasley

Makeup a Smokey Eye: Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial

Ready to embrace the unique beauty of hooded eyes? This step-by-step guide will walk you through the art of mastering a mesmerizing smokey eye that not only accentuates your eye shape but also makes your hooded eyes pop.

Timestamps for Glam Makeup for Hooded Eyes

  • 0:00— What is glam makeup for hooded eyes?
    Makeup for hooded eyes is a specific technique that aims to enhance the appearance of eyes that have a naturally occurring “hood” of skin that partially covers the eyelid when the eyes are open. Hooded eyes can sometimes make traditional eye makeup techniques challenging, as the natural crease and lid space are less visible. The goal of hooded eye makeup is to create the illusion of more defined and lifted eyes, making the eyes appear larger and more open.
  • 0:14— How does makeup help people communicate more effectively?
    Communication coach expert, April Young teaches us that better communication leads to better confidence. How we present ourselves in life and business is complementary to the words we say and write. Therefore, your look and your message should align.
  • 3:24— What is full glam makeup?
    Full glam makeup is all about pulling out all the stops for a show-stopping look. It’s about embracing bold choices: think flawless foundation, a high-impact smoky eye, sculpted cheekbones, and lips that command attention.
  • 5:06— What is the best eyeshadow for brown eyes?
    If you are wondering which eyeshadow to choose for brown eyes like April’s, jewel tones capture the warmth and depth that will make brown eyes pop and sparkle.

Eyeshadow for brown eyes | Salina Beasley
Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

  • 5:58— What is the best eyeshadow for hooded eyes?
    For hooded eyes, matte eyeshadows are your secret weapon. Opt for soft, muted tones for the eyelid. Create a makeup crease by accenting the area where the brow bone begins to curve into the eye socket. Focus the accent color toward the outer corner to create dimension without overwhelming the lid. Apply shimmery shades at the upper lash line, on the center of the eyelid, and inner corners to open up a hooded eye.
  • 8:37 How do you do a smokey eye, hooded eye?
    First, apply the accent eyeshadow on the upper lash line from corner to corner using an eyeliner brush. Avoid a thick, dark line on the bottom lash line. Makeup a smokey eye, hooded eye by swiping the base shade along the lower lash line 3/4 of the way from the outer corner of the eye.

Eyeshadow for Hooded Eyes | Salina Beasley

  • 11:13— How do you blend eye makeup for hooded eyes?
    With an all-over eyeshadow brush, swipe a light, neutral eyeshadow over the eyelid. Be sure to blur any harsh lines between the base and the accent eyeshadows to create a soft, smokey eye makeup look. Avoid putting a highlighter on the hooded area below the eyebrow. Highlighting the hood will draw more attention to it, and the goal is to focus the drama as closely on the upper lashline as possible.
  • 12:23— What is the best eyeliner for hooded eyes?
    Gel or waterproof pen eyeliners are perfect for hooded eyes. Their smudge-resistant formulas stay put, preventing transfer to the upper lid. Focus on a thin line along the upper lash line. Then, add a subtle wing to accentuate your eyes without overpowering them.
  • 13:27— How do I apply mascara for hooded eyes?
    When applying mascara to hooded eyes, emphasize the upper lashes to create a lifted effect. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara to open up the eyes further. For a clean and polished finish, apply mascara with a light touch to the lower lashes, and avoid smudging on the lid.
  • 14:39— How long does it take to do makeup for hooded eyes?
    The time it takes to do makeup for hooded eyes can vary depending on your skill level and the complexity of the look you’re aiming for. On average, it might take around 10-15 minutes to complete a basic hooded eye makeup look, including eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. More intricate or elaborate looks could take longer, so feel free to take your time and enjoy the creative process!
  • 16:25— How does makeup help people communicate in a way that builds trust with their audience?
    Makeup can be a powerful tool in nonverbal communication, especially when building trust with an audience. Thoughtfully applied makeup can enhance one’s appearance, highlighting professionalism and attention to detail. By projecting a polished image, makeup can contribute to a sense of credibility and confidence, fostering a positive connection with the audience.

Better communication more confidence quote | Salina Beasley

  • 19:03— What if I am scared to wear makeup?
    If you’re feeling scared to wear makeup, remember that it’s all about self-expression and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. April compares the experience with what it felt like to drive a car for the first time. Sure, it was scary. But now, you can drive 80MPH with the windows down without even thinking about it. Start with small steps, like experimenting with subtle makeup looks that enhance your natural features. Take your time, practice, and find what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Makeup is a journey of self-discovery, so embrace it at your own pace!

Here are Some Tips To Make Hooded Eyes Pop:

  • Experiment with Winged Eyeliner Variations: Instead of creating a dramatic wing that extends far beyond the outer corner, opt for a shorter and slightly lifted wing that follows the natural angle of your eyes. This can help elongate the eyes and create a lifted appearance.
  • Curl Your Lashes: Curling your lashes can instantly make your eyes look more open and awake. Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to lift the lashes and create a more visible lid space. Choose a lengthening and volumizing mascara formula to further enhance your lashes and draw attention away from the hooded area.
  • Highlight the Inner Corner: Apply a touch of a shimmery or light eyeshadow shade to the inner corner of your eyes. This trick can help brighten up your eyes and make them appear larger and more awake.

Are you ready to take your makeup routine to the next level?

Glam makeup for hooded eyes| Salina Beasley

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