July 28, 2023

#BeautyUnfiltered: Natural Makeup with Red Lipstick

Does the idea of natural makeup with red lipstick sound like an oxymoron? There is nothing like a swipe of red lipstick to make me feel like a Superwoman in the workplace– confident and empowered. The secret to rocking red lipstick without looking like a clown is knowing how to choose the right shade of red that will complement (rather than compete) with the rest of your makeup look.

Here’s What You’ll Need for a Natural Red Makeup Look

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This natural red makeup look features a bold red lip and a simple wash of color on the eyelids. We will balance the matte lip color with a strong, “dewy” cheek color. Here’s what you need to pull off the Bold Red look:

#BeautyUnfiltered Makeup Lesson Series {Part 8}: “Bold Red”

Looking for a way to wear red lipstick without looking too over-the-top? This video tutorial will show you how to create a natural makeup look with a pop of red lip color. This look is perfect for everyday wear but can also be dressed up for a special occasion.

Timestamps for #BeautyUnfiltered: Bold Red

  • 4:53- How to prep the skin for a natural makeup look with red lipstick:
    Prep the skin with a foundation primer, a light-weight dewy foundation, and eyeshadow primer
  • 6:05How to apply blush for natural makeup with red lipstick:
    Use a cream blush in a bright shade of pink to complement a bold red lip
  • 8:31Natural Eye Makeup with a Bold Red Lip:
    Begin by applying a flesh-toned eyeshadow to the eyelid with an all-over eyeshadow brush followed by a soft pink accent eyeshadow in the outer corner. Concentrate most of the color at the top lash line, and blend it upward toward the eye crease and along the lower lashline with a smudge brush. Complete this natural eye makeup look with a volumizing waterproof mascara.

  • 11:50 How to apply concealer for natural makeup with red lipstick:
    Keep the area underneath your eyes free of any dark circles or stray eyeshadow by applying a thin layer of concealer. Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation coverage to keep the eye area clean and bright.
  • 14:27How to apply red lipstick for a natural makeup look:
    Using a nude (or matching red) lip liner, create definition at the Cupid’s Bow and along the outer edge of the lips. Apply a matte/sem-matte red lipstick complementary to your skin tone and undertone to the bottom lip.
  • 16:45How to wear red lipstick so that you don’t look like a clown 🤡:
    Balance a bold lip with a bright cheek and a simple eye makeup look to keep your makeup colors from competing with each other. For the best color results, take my free lipstick masterclass to find the shade of red that is right for you.

Lipstick Class | Salina Beasley

  • 19:13 Red lipstick for beginners:
    If you can use your finger or a lip brush for a more sheer lipstick application. Dab a small amount of red lipstick to the center of the bottom lip and feather out toward the edges. Repeat this process until you reach the desired intensity.
  • 22:21How to feel like a Superwoman in the workplace (virtual or face-to-face):
    Wearing a signature shade of lipstick is a fabulous way to feel empowered in the workplace. Red commands attention, signals authority, and makes a statement. Swipe on your favorite shade of red lipstick whenever you need to feel that extra boost of confidence.

Here are Some Tips for How to Wear Red Lipstick:

  • The bolder the lipstick, the brighter the blush— Keep your blush color in the “pink/red” family. Opt for a brighter shade that compliments your skin tone.
  • Play the eyes down— The Bold Red look features bright lips and cheeks. Balance the look with neutral eyeshadow, and skip the eyeliner.
  • Use concealer to clean up the edges of your lips— If you’re wondering how to wear red lipstick without it bleeding, apply a lip primer beneath your lipstick. Then, use a cream color brush to apply a line of concealer around any areas where the lipstick tends to migrate into the fine lines around the mouth.

Looking for More Natural Makeup Ideas?

Summertime Makeup Style | Salina Beasley

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