July 6, 2023

#BeautyUnfiltered: A Soft Glam Makeup Lesson

Soft Glam Makeup | Salina Beasley

Soft glam makeup is a classic look that has turned heads for decades. It is all about creating a glamorous, yet sophisticated look– ideal for weddings, parties, and nighttime occasions. This makeup lesson will help you look and feel like a show-stopping rock star at your next special event.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Create This Soft Glam Makeup Look

The key to a Sultry Glam Look is dramatic eyes and bold lips. Backdropped by a glowing complexion, this adventurous approach pairs smokey, dark eye shadows with deep lip colors. Here’s what you’ll need to create a Sultry Glam Look:

  • A smoky eye shadow palette with various shades of brown and rose
  • An all-over eyeshadow brush
  • A smudge brush
  • Black Eyeliner (liquid or gel)
  • Highlighter (cream or powder)
  • Wine/dark lip color
  • Lip Liner

#BeautyUnfiltered Makeup Lesson Series {Part 5}: “Sultry Glam”

In this makeup lesson, I will show you how to create the Sultry Glam look with step-by-step makeup tips to make your eyes and lips stand out.

Timestamps for #BeautyUnfiltered: Sultry Glam

  • 3:37— Dramatize your eye makeup using a dark, muted eyeshadow palette. First, apply eye shadow primer, and allow it to dry. Then dust a mahogany brown to the lids using an eye-blending brush.
  • 7:05— Create a tight, dark line close to the upper lash line. For best results, use a gel or liquid pen eyeliner in black or brown. Focus the applicator in between the eyelashes using a swift “dotted” motion. Then go back over the line to fill in any sparse areas. You can experiment with lining beneath the upper lashes at the waterline. The upper waterline will share the product with the lower lashline when you blink. You will not need to apply eyeliner to the lower lash line.
  • 10:36— Blur eyeliner with a smudge brush. Create a natural smoky eye makeup effect using a smudge brush and a dark, espresso eyeshadow. Swipe the excess powder along the lower lash line.
  • 13:40— Soften the lines of the eyelid by applying a dusty rose eye shadow to your eye makeup crease with an eye blending brush.
  • 15:42— Add highlighter to the high points of the face– under the eyebrows, forehead, and chin center, and along the top of the cheekbone using a short-sided/fan brush
  • 19:51— Pair a bold lip with the muted, smoky eye. Bolder lip shades in berry, red, and plum are best for this Sultry Glam makeup look. Use a fingertip application to add color to the lips for a more sheer look. Line the lips along the outer edge with a nude lip liner or a color that closely matches your chosen lip shade.

Tips for a Soft Glam Makeup Look

  • Experiment with different lip colors. You can choose a deep red, berry, or plum color. Bold lip color is the perfect way to add some drama to your makeup look.
  • Finish your makeup with a setting spray. This will help your makeup stay in place all day (or night) long.
  • Apply false eyelashes for a more dramatic look.

Tired of the Same Old Makeup Routine?

Soft Glam Makeup | Salina Beasley

Looking for a new way to express yourself through makeup? Enter, the #BeautyUnfiltered Makeup Lesson Series.

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