June 29, 2023

#BeautyUnfiltered: Natural Smoky Eye Makeup

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup | Salina Beasley

If you want a smoky eye that looks natural and effortless, you are going to love this Natural Smoky Eye Makeup look. Dressed up or toned down, the natural smokey eye is a more subtle take on the classic smokey eye. This approach is ideal for someone who wants to create a more understated look–perfect for everyday wear or for a night out when you want to look your best without going overboard.

Here’s What You’ll Need for Natural Smoky Eye Makeup

The Smoky Look builds on the Natural Beauty and the Soft Chic makeup look. Both of these approaches are perfect for everyday wear. They can easily be transitioned for a night out or a party look. If you are transitioning from either of these looks, here’s what you’ll need to create a Smokey eye:

  • Matte eyeshadow in dark brown/wine color
  • An all-over eyeshadow brush
  • A smudge brush
  • Eyeliner (pencil, pen, or gel)
  • Volumizing and/or waterproof mascara

#BeautyUnfiltered Makeup Lesson Series {Part 4}: “Smokey”

In this training, I will show you how to create the Smoky look with step-by-step, natural smoky eye makeup tips, so you can easily recreate the look at home.

Timestamps for #BeautyUnfiltered: Smokey

  • {7:58} Start with the Soft Chic makeup look, and build up to natural smokey eye makeup step-by-step. First, apply eyeliner in brown, black, or gunmetal gray. Start from the outer corner and work as closely to the lash line as possible. Using short strokes, go back over the line to fill in any empty spaces. Use the tip of a smudge brush to soften the line.
  • {10:35} Natural smoky eye makeup is flattering on all eye shapes. Using a smudge brush, focus on the lower lash line and the outer corners of the eyes to create a more dramatic effect. Start with a light touch and layer the intensity according to your taste and comfort level. A natural smokey eye can be subtle and soft or bold and dramatic.
  • {11:06} Swipe a red wine {ie. merlot} color matte eyeshadow on your eyelid using your finger or an all-over eyeshadow brush. The most intense color should be toward the lashline, softening up to just below your makeup crease. Bring the eyeshadow down to the lower lash line. Lightly apply it from the outer to the inner corner using an eye smudge brush.
  • {16:17} If you are transitioning from the Soft Chic look, you likely curled and coated your lashes with a black, lengthening mascara. Consider adding another coat in a different formula such as a waterproof or a volumizing mascara. Just be sure to go back over the application with a clean lash comb or sandwich the upper lashes between 2 clean spoolie brushes to avoid clumps and lengthen the lashes.

Tips for Natural Smoky Eye Makeup

  • For smaller eyes: Apply eyeliner 3/4 of the way toward the inner corner. The darker line toward the outer corner will give the illusion of larger eyes. Keep the inner eye corner light and bright.
  • Use an eyeliner pencil instead of liquid or gel eyeliner: The pencil will create a softer line for a more natural smokey eye makeup look.
  • Blend, blend, blend! This is the key to natural smokey eye makeup.

#BeautyUnfiltered Replays and Roundups

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup Products | Salina Beasley

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