April 6, 2023

How to Choose a Lipstick Shade that Fits Your Personal Brand

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Lipstick is a powerful tool for self-expression and can be a great way to enhance your personal brand. Whether you’re going for a bold, daring look or something more subtle and sophisticated, choosing the right lipstick shade can help you feel confident and put together. Here are some tips on how to choose a lipstick shade that fits your personal brand.

Red, Pink, and Neutral Lipstick Shades

In this training, I show you how the most common lipstick shades (red, pink, and neutral) can best capture your personal brand. Listen to the full training, or jump to the timestamp that interests you. 

  • (0:28) If you are new to makeup, here’s why lipstick is a great place to start
  • (0:58) How to find your best lipstick shade when there are so many choices
  • (1:22) Take this simple and fun quiz to find out what lipstick fits your brand style.
  • (3:07)Your best lipstick shade combines your desired perception with your personality
  • (3:30) Three factors that impact your color choices– 1. Shade 2. Purpose 3. Person (You!)
  • (4:16) Common lipstick shades– red, pink, and neutral
  • (4:27) Wear red lipstick if you want to make a statement
  • (5:26) How to achieve a more sheer lipstick application
  • (5:41) Why I am a fan of red lipstick for the camera
  • (6:18) Pink lipstick fits a fun and feminine vibe
  • (6:29) Why pink lipstick shades are consistent with my personal brand
  • (7:00) How to choose your best shade of pink
  • (8:06) You have to stay true to who you are to effectively connect with your audience
  • (8:47) Neutral lipstick is not boring. It is a backdrop.
  • (9:48) How to wear neutral lipstick if you are a bold visionary
  • (10:58) To learn more, join my free Lipstick Masterclass

What Lipstick Shade Fits Your Brand Style? {Take the quiz}

Take the Lipstick Quiz
Find out here

Whether you choose red, pink, plum, neutral, or any shade in between, have fun including your personality and style in your lipstick shade selections. The goal is to balance your style choice with the vibe of the event. If the audience or the theme is more conservative, consider applying a more muted lip shade. If the setting features hype and energy, reach for the brighter, bolder color. When your personality and style fit the vibe and energy of the room ( whether virtual or in person), you dial into a frequency of influence that will leave a memorable and meaningful impression on your audience.

Join the Lipstick Masterclass

If you’re ready to look more professional on camera, captivate (and keep) your listener’s attention with a more dynamic and engaging on-screen presence, and elevate your brand style to underscore your transformational message…

Join the Lipstick Masterclass! 

Join the lipstick masterclass
Join here

In 7-minutes, I’ll show you how to choose and apply the most flattering lipstick for the camera. You will go from looking tired, dull, and washed out on screen to vibrant and magnetic– attracting your listener’s attention to your message across all your media platforms. 

This masterclass will immediately boost your confidence AND your brand image.

If you are a brand-builder, course-creator, or creative entrepreneur who wants to level up your image, dial in your best look, and radiate with confidence that attracts listeners to your powerful message, the Lipstick Masterclass is for you!

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