February 24, 2023

Easy Skincare That Actually Works

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Skincare and makeup go hand-in-hand. It is impossible to separate the two and get the results you want. Yet, with 620K makeup tutorials and 250K skincare videos on YouTube, where should a high-performance professional begin? I have good news.

Developing an easy skincare routine that actually works just got a whole lot easier.

When I met Mackenzie Jorns from Protea, I had to lean into her passion and process and get all of our questions answered.

I am so glad that I did.

The Protea platform is altering the landscape of skincare through innovative technology. Perhaps the description is overplayed, but I am confident you will agree when I say that Protea is the Uber of skincare.

Listen to the full interview here, or hop into the conversation on a theme that lights you up.

2:55 How Mackenzie Jorns, founder of Protea went from tech and government contracting to entrepreneurship in innovative skincare

3:26 The Passion and Vision of Protea

4:32 You now have a personal tour guide through pregnant and menopausal skin.

5:52 Why estheticians really get into the biz

6:45 Salina and Mackenzie talk about consumer advocacy and supporting small business 

7:53 Why the line, “I can learn that on YouTube” doesn’t apply to your beauty routine

9:32 Beauty products that make the cut

11:31 The future of skincare in Protea’s perfect world scenario

12:24 Technology can be good for your skin

15:20 Why Protea is a high-performance professional’s BFF

16:55 How to stay in the know with Protea

18:14 Mackenzie explains how Protea improves the confidence of two women at once by meeting the unique skincare needs of unhoused women.

To learn more about Protea and enlist the help of a vetted esthetician, visit bookprotea.com or DM Mackenzie on IG @book.protea

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