February 16, 2023

Easy Makeup for High Performance Professionals

I was recently in a meeting with a makeup “influencer” in the beauty industry eavesdropping on her biggest concern: How was she going to get her customers on more products? I’m nodding and taking notes, all the while thinking to myself, “Do her customers neeeed 4 different types of foundation, 108 eye shadows, and a complicated 17-step skincare routine?”

Makeup artists, influencers, and brand ambassadors love high performance professions.


Because most women in business identify themselves as “not a big makeup person.” Yes, they wear it out of necessity because it makes them look more polished and professional, and they don’t want to look robe-bound as though they spend their days slobbing around the house. 

But, most of the time these intelligent, talented, and successful leaders don’t feel confident putting on their own makeup. So, what do they do? They storm the nearest Ulta 2 days before their photo shoot and have the salesperson quickly show them a few things that may or may not work on camera.

 Meanwhile, the salesperson is thinking,

 “Cha-Ching! This shopper doesn’t know what she doesn’t know, so I can load her down with a “few things that ‘might’ work.” (Are you catching all my “subtle” air quotes?) 

They get it all home, and because they are a high performance professionals, they don’t have time to go down the rabbit hole of YouTube makeup videos. They need someone to either A. Do it for them. Or, B. Give them the 1-2-3 Step tutorial because “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.”  

The Ugly Truth Behind the Beauty Industry

The ugly truth is that the beauty industry wants you buried deep in brushes you won’t use, eye shadows that will likely expire before you can possibly wear them all, and “holy grail” skincare treatments that might very well be creating a chemical storm on your over-processed complexion. And it is all happening right at the end of your nose! 


So, what’s a high performance professional to do about it? Besides avoiding the local makeup counter 2 days before a promo shoot, or paying a pretty penny for a makeup artist to create a look that may or may not capture your authenticity (that’s another air-quote-worthy rant for another day). 

3 Makeup Tips for High Performance Professionals

Makeup for High Performance Professionals doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 3 ways to do your makeup like a professional without falling down the rabbit hole of YouTube makeup videos:

  1. Master basic makeup skills. Learn your skin type, tone, and undertone to determine your best makeup colors and formulas. Do you have normal or combination skin? Ivory or Bronze skin tone? Cool or warm undertones? Not sure? Take the Skin Undertone Quiz to find out. By mastering these basic makeup skills, you can make informed decisions about which products will work best for you.
  2. Book a session with an Independent Image Consultant that specializes in basic makeup and makeup for the camera. Ask if they are affiliated with a specific company. If they are, be mindful that they have an obligation to promote that company’s products which may rival your best interest. There’s no more “ick” feeling than when you book a consultation with an expert that ends with a laundry list of purchase suggestions that, “Whaddya know, the consultant just so happens to sell.” When you don’t know what you don’t know, you can end up paying for things you don’t need. Even if you do choose this option, I recommend having a basic awareness of option #1. 
  3. Request Color Concierge Service. Much like a personal stylist, an Independent Image Consultant that offers color concierge service knows exactly the makeup shades, formulas, and finishes you need to pull off a stand-out look and removes the heavy -lifting of the time, money, and energy-sucking shopping experience. When you opt for color concierge service, your custom-curated essentials arrive at your doorstep complete with detailed application instructions, so that all you have to do is recreate a makeup-paint-by-number masterpiece, smile pretty for the camera, and “wow” your audience. 

While we are building brands, embracing the power of video for visibility, and setting ourselves apart in the online business world, feeling confident about our makeup approach is a must and more easily attainable than ever before. You can start mastering basic makeup skills by downloading my free guide, The Ultimate Makeup Makeover: The High-Performer’s Guide to Camera-Ready Makeup, and take back control over your color choices, and take your first gorgeous step towards mastering your makeup like a pro. 

PS. Are you interested in working with an Independent Image Consultant that specializes in basic makeup skills and offers hassle-free color concierge service? Contact About Face Studios to find out which service is right for you.

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