February 9, 2023

The #1 Secret to a Successful Skincare Routine

As a makeup coach, the skincare routine conversation is one that comes up a lot, but in my opinion, not often enough. My makeup artist friends tell me that creating a makeup look on skin that is overdue for some TLC is neither as fun or gorgeous as it could be if glowing skin was the client’s priority.

We can cover and conceal all we want, but our makeup game will never be a “10” if our skincare game is a “2.” The sooner we ace the skincare routine, the sooner we can enjoy more gorgeous color results.

What is the #1 secret to a successful skincare routine?


The skincare system is ineffective 100% of the time if it stays in the package. In other words, while quality is a factor, consistency is a better predictor of success. If you give your skincare routine a halfway-good effort, you can expect halfway-good results. I recommend building a rock-solid skincare foundation before getting fancy with tools and targeting treatments. It’s not as fun or as sexy (I’m speaking to my sister product-junkies), but consistency over time is key to gorgeous results.

Here is a foundational formula to skincare success:

2-2-2 Foundational Skincare Formula

Must-Have Skincare Products

  1. Cleanser

Why cleanse? Think about the windshield of your car. How often do you have to clear off some dirt and pollen? How many times a day do you take your glasses and wipe them off if you wear them? All of these materials are building up on the surface of your face. I recommend using a suitable cleanser formulated for your skin type to remove all that dirt and debris.

  1. Moisturizer (with SPF 15+)

I want to bust a myth. People say, “I have oily skin; therefore, I don’t need moisturizer,” or “I don’t need hydration because my skin is already moist enough. But the purpose of a hydrating system is to regulate the skin’s moisture. If you have oily skin and cleanse your face, but then you don’t hydrate properly, your skin cannot regulate the oil production on its own. Instead, it overcompensates for lack of moisture, making it oily and clogging your pores, even more, leading to breakouts, dullness, and uneven tone and texture. Applying a hydrating product regulates your skin’s moisture so it won’t overproduce oil or underproduce oil. Either way, this impacts your skin, ultimately impacting your makeup.

At the very least, cleansing and hydrating your skin morning and evening with formulas for your skin type are best practices for a successful skincare routine. If you are just starting your skincare journey, or you’ve been at it for a while, (but not loving the results) begin or modify your approach with 2 products, 2x/day for 2 weeks. Come hell, high water, death, or taxes, commit to being consistent for 2 straight weeks before you evaluate your progress and gauge your results.

We have a ton of options for skin care systems, formulas, and strategies, but less (not more) can lead to glowing skin. Consistency is the key. After all, most of the time, the system works… if we work it.

Wondering what skincare ingredients will give you the best results? Click here to grab my free Skincare Ingredient Guide to know exactly which skincare essentials you need and why you need them.

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