January 27, 2023

Makeup Advice for Smart Beauty-Lovers

“The solution is first to become your own “beauty advocate.” 

It slipped out that way as I was teaching at a recent live training. Even as I heard myself use this phrase, I thought, “Whoa, Salina. That’s not a term you use lightly.” I knew I would have to reconsider it to give it the gravity it deserved. 

No sooner than I said it did I stumble on a caption that claimed how the “Makeup industry profits off of our insecurities.” I felt the heat rise as my inner-debate-club-champion smashed that ridiculous argument. 

“That’s like saying the apparel industry profits off body dysmorphia, or the auto industry profits off FOMO. You can drive a semi through that ‘profit’ claim!” And I did- with nobody except the Yorkie in my lap to witness my dismantling triumph. 

Ok, so I was angry. But, that anger led me to drill down deeper into the concept of beauty advocacy that fell off my tongue in the middle of a live training. But wouldn’t you agree that sometimes it takes getting angry to start making changes? 

3 Ways to Become Your Own Beauty Advocate: 

#1 Know Your Best Colors 

Skin tones range from ivory, and beige, to bronze and ebony, with various degrees of intensity along the spectrum. When choosing your best colors, the general rule is that the darker the skin tone, the more intense your colors have to be. If we deintensify our colors too much, our image will look lifeless (especially on camera). 

Skin undertone is a bit trickier to discern and requires asking a few extra questions about how your skin responds to the Sun to determine whether your skin undertone trends cool, warm, or neutral. Your skin’s undertone is critical in deciding whether your best color palette should feature warmer colors such as peach, gold, or green or cooler colors such as plum, gray, or lavender. 

Have you ever wondered how to determine your skin’s undertone? Take this 1-minute Skin Undertone Quiz to determine whether your skin has a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. 

2. Know Your Facial Contours

Contouring might sound scary. But contour is simply a strategy used to guide the eye to our advantage by following the lines of your natural bone structure to create definition and dimension on purpose. So while it might seem overkill for everyday makeup, it is 1000% appropriate for a camera-ready approach.

Knowing how to contour your face, cheeks, lips, eyes, and brows is the secret sauce to achieving facial symmetry, proportion, and, ultimately, a more attractive look. A savvy beauty advocate can confidently identify their unique face shape and feature setting, size, and exceptions. 

Here are the five most common face shapes. Each of these shapes requires a unique contouring approach, blush, and highlighter placement to achieve the very reason that we use makeup in the first place, and that is– symmetry. Knowing your facial contour allows you to invest your time, money, and skill in the colors, products, and techniques that you know to support your mission to create an accurate first impression.

3. Know Your Content

That is your “Stereotype Content.” (This is a psychological term that researchers use to explain how our viewers make sense of our image.) For example, imagine someone scrolling on Instagram or LinkedIn and they come across your reel. Your viewer’s brain systematically creates a mental polaroid image and runs it through involuntary facial recognition software to form a first impression of you. This is all happening in as little as 1/10 of a second. The viewer’s mind is subconsciously creating a judgment based on two questions: Do I trust you? Do I respect you? 

How can the brain possibly accurately assess your trustworthiness and competence in a fraction of a second? You have barely had a chance even to open your mouth! So what reassurance can you give that you are, in fact, trustworthy and competent? 

Makeup is a powerful tool that can remove any barrier of suspicion and build trust with your viewers more quickly. You can leverage a camera-ready makeup approach to guide the viewer’s eye to your advantage, to meet their subconscious need for information at the intersection of first impressions, and to signal to their minds that you are intelligent, likable, and competent.

Want to learn more about how to become your own Beauty Advocate?

Makeup for Media 101 is all about quickly mastering your onscreen makeup to go from looking tired, dull, and washed out on camera to vibrant and excited— magnetically attracting your audience to your message across all your media platforms. 

I meticulously engineered this digital course from the ground up to give you EVERYTHING you need to build your best on-camera makeup look from scratch.

If you’ve been hanging out in our community for a while, waiting for the right time to finally go “all-in” on elevating your brand image…

This is it.

It’s time to reshape your image to be more authentic, authoritative, and dynamic than it’s ever been before.

Before I tell you all about this program, let’s make sure you are a good fit.

I ONLY recommend that you consider a spot inside Makeup for Media 101 if you can check off at least 3 of the following:

1. You are a creative entrepreneur that knows showing up as the face of your brand is critical to building the “Know, Like, and Trust” factor with your audience

2. An online business owner tired of looking tired on camera and ready to look energized and excited to get more eyes on your offers

3. A brand builder who wants to build a following the smart way with a healthy visual presence (without having to rely on a makeup artist to create your best look for brand shoots, ad promos, or video-recorded interviews) 

4. A thought leader with online and in-person platform visibility who wants to level up your image, dial in your best look, and radiate with confidence that attracts listeners to your powerful message

5. You are here to impact the world while growing your influence and authority to life-changing levels.

If you found yourself nodding your head to at least 3 of those descriptors, I’d love to personally invite you to check out more details and consider if it is the right resource for you.

Contrary to popular belief, on-camera makeup isn’t just a “pile-it-on” makeup approach where you look like a circus clown. 

Done right — it is making the most of your most powerful and effective marketing asset— your face.

I couldn’t be more excited to lead you step-by-step in creating a more confident and attractive image.

Here’s what’s inside

By the end of this 5-module program, you will have….

  • Developed an essential skincare strategy for flawless makeup based on your skin type because you need a camera-ready surface for your camera-ready makeup
  • Discovered a foundation coverage in your ideal shade, formula, and finish for the camera
  • Customized your color palette for your skin tone and undertone with shades that complement your natural coloring, set you apart, and make a memorable impression on your audience
  • Created your best makeup look with a customized approach for your face shape and feature size for more balanced, symmetry results and, ultimately, a more attractive look.
  • Mastered the tools and techniques for a professional makeup look that you can recreate again and again without having to hire a makeup artist
  • Expertly applied your makeup for your eye shape and setting to guide the eye of your viewers toward your best features
  • The advantage over camera factors that tend to wash out and add weight– instead, leveraging it to capture your energy, personality, authority, and ultimately your listener’s attention to your transformational message. 

Do you want to take your image from uncertain to confident, from good enough to freaking awesome, and from a 1″ square that your next transformation story scrolls past to “Hang on, there’s something different about this one”? In that case, I invite you to join me inside Makeup for Media 101. 

For more information and to save your seat click here

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