January 5, 2023

The #1 Makeup Rule


I was on a call with a student the other day, brainstorming her makeup approach and how it could enhance her brand style and image when she said,

“When I’m on camera, I would love to hear once in a while ‘Your makeup looks really nice’– even if the other person is just thinking it.”

“I want that too!” I confessed. I’m human– and a recovering people pleaser (any other Enneagram 2’s out there?)

If we are all honest, we’d love to know that our makeup, style, content, choices, and goals somehow meet the approval of others. And, if we are brave enough to admit it, even a tiny part of us needs validation.

Take it from me, — It’s one thing to want it. However, it’s another thing to need it to be okay, to feel legitimized, authorized, or qualified.

Makeup that empowers eliminates the need for other’s approval.

Add this phrase to your daily affirmations as a constant reminder that you can’t win ’em all. “In the words of Julie Solomon, “You are not Walmart”! You are not going to please everyone all the time. Trends come and go. People’s opinions change with the wind. So, when it comes to makeup, here’s a pro makeup tip: Be Yourself! Whether you choose red, pink, plum, neutral, or any shade in between, have fun including your personality and style into your look.

The only rule when it comes to makeup is: There are no rules.

— Luis Casco

You have:

  • Permission to be yourself!
  • License to have fun, including your personality and style in your color choices and makeup application.
  • Freedom to decide how you want to show up as the face of your brand and cast yourself as an authority in your field.

To get you started, I’ve created a free Lipstick Masterclass for you to explore the most flattering lip shades and finishes to boost your confidence, your brand style, and your online presence. I can’t wait to see what dynamic lip looks you come up with.

While we still might want our friends’, co-workers’, sister’s, and social media followers’ endorsement for our color and style choices, makeup that empowers eliminates the need for others’ approval. We have all the “go ahead” we need to take a more colorful approach.

Download the audio of my personal daily affirmations that includes the phrase, “Today and everyday, I will eliminate the need for others’ approval”. I hope it inspires you. And, be sure to enroll in my Free Lipstick Masterclass as my gift to your empowering makeup journey.

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