December 23, 2022

How to Create a Makeup Capsule {Part 1}

Whether you are the girl who goes into a Sephora like a kid in a candy store, or your loyalties remain faithful to a few makeup products, sooner or later, you will need a makeup organization system. Spare your wallet, sanity, and bathroom counter with a Makeup Capsule. If you are starting your color collection or are stuck with a makeup bag, cabinet, or drawer that no longer sparks joy, use the following formula to curate (or tame) your collection. 

The 3-5-7 Makeup Capsule Formula

3 Makeup Looks 

5 Must-Have Makeup Colors 

7 Makeup Essentials 

A fully-optimized makeup collection boasts a palette of go-to shades to pull off three looks– one for the daytime, one for the evening, and one for camera opportunities. If you are a makeup minimalist, you can modify the 5 Must-Have Makeup Colors to service all three looks by layering the application for a more intense evening or camera appearance. (Remember: Evening and on-screen looks demand greater color intensity to ensure your image appears more vibrant and dynamic.)

If Sephora is your big girl candy store, you can curate a five-color palette for all three looks with 15 colors. If that doesn’t quench your color thirst, you can create five color palettes for every day and night of the week! Enjoy creative license within the palette curation process as long as it fits your time, money, and space-saving plan. 

The Seven Makeup Essentials are a short lineup of products you want to have at your fingertips to create the perfect look for any occasion. The Ultimate Makeup Shopping List prioritizes the following list of Seven Makeup Essentials: 

Foundation Coverage


Eyeshadow (2 shades minimum)




This list is by no means exhaustive. You can access the Ultimate Makeup Shopping List in the Ultimate Makeup Makeover: The High Performer’s Guide to Camera-Ready Makeup. However, you can hinge all three looks on this collection of essentials. 

“What Colors Look Best on Me?”

When curating and organizing your makeup capsule, a clear understanding of what colors look best is your greatest asset. If you are wondering, “What Colors Look Best on Me,” you need to look no further than your skin tone and undertone.

When choosing your best colors, the general rule is that the darker the skin tone, the more intense your colors have to be. Conversely, the lighter the skin tone, the less intense they can be. This 1-minute Skin Undertone Quiz will help determine whether your skin has a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. Cool undertones look best in cool colors (i.e., teal, blue, indigo, violet, plum) or warm colors (i.e., red, coral, gold, yellow, and lime green).

Once you have a confident understanding of your best colors, you can easily curate your 3-5-7 Makeup Capsule to create gorgeous makeup looks for every occasion.

For more tips and inspiration to create and organize your Makeup Capsule, check out The Ultimate Makeup Makeover: The High Performer’s Guide to a Camera-Ready Look. This free guide also contains the Ultimate Makeup Shopping List, a Makeup Bag Audit Worksheet, and a Makeup Replacement Schedule and Tracker.

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