December 8, 2022

How to Look Put-Together on Camera in 4 Easy Steps (<4-minute read)

“Salina, how can you help me put my best face forward?”

By “best face,” I knew she meant the face that reflected her authentic personality, enthusiasm, and professional authority in the eyes of her viewing audience. My client puts so much effort into crafting her brand message. The last thing she wants to do is undermine the transformational impact of her offer with a tired and washed-out appearance.

Like my client, if you have ever wondered how to look more professional and put together on camera, I have some good news. Some tried and tested onscreen makeup tips can help you ditch the “dull” and create an attractive look that will draw your listeners’ attention to your valuable message. 

1. Choose skincare and full-coverage foundation formulas for your skin type.

Tone, texture, and shine control are critical components to putting your best face forward for the camera. The most effective way to achieve a standout look is to personalize your skincare routine for normal, dry, oily, or combination skin. 

Need help with your skin type? By observing your T-zone, you can best identify your skin type. The T-Zone of your face consists of your forehead, nose, and chin– much like the shape of the letter “T.” If your T-Zone is oily, you likely have combination skin. On the other hand, you likely have dry skin if this area tends to dry and peel. Therefore, you will benefit most from a formulated skincare routine for dry, oily, or combination skin.

2. Choose a color palette that works best with your skin tone and undertone.

Skin tones range from ivory, and beige, to bronze and ebony, with various degrees of intensity along the spectrum. When choosing your best colors, the general rule is that the darker the skin tone, the more intense your colors have to be. If we deintensify our colors too much, our image will look lifeless (especially on camera). 

Skin undertone is a bit trickier to discern and requires asking a few extra questions about how your skin responds to the Sun to determine whether your skin undertone trends cool, warm, or neutral. Your skin’s undertone is a key factor in deciding whether your best color palette should feature warmer colors such as peach, gold, or green or cooler colors such as plum, gray, or lavender. 

Have you ever wondered how to determine your skin’s undertone? Take this 1-minute Skin Undertone Quiz to determine whether your skin has a cool, warm, or neutral undertone. 

3. Never underestimate the power of gorgeous eyebrows.

Brow treatment is vital to achieving a balanced look and signaling the right emotional cues. For example, someone may be sweet and deferring, yet something about the shape of their eyebrows makes them look angry. This image can form a negative impression in the viewer’s mind that a person with angry-looking brows did not intend to create. To create the ideal shape and dimension, select a brow liner or tint that most closely matches your hair color (natural or chosen), and follow this simple brow-mapping technique. 

4. Accent your eyes with makeup that fits your features.

Notice that the title of this post says, “put YOUR best face forward .”The shape and setting of your eyes provide a map that leads to your best look. Because shape and setting vary from person to person, it is essential to identify how your features are set before you can ever accentuate them properly. Here is an example of accent shade modifications based on the width of the individual’s eyes. (Please note that the color and contrast of the following key is more for placement illustration than shade recommendation.)

This personalized accent approach makes the eyes appear lifted, more prominent, and brighter. You can apply this placement technique by using an accent shade in a pop of complementary color to add gorgeous dimension and definition to your eye area.

By tailoring your makeup approach to your unique skin type and facial features, you can guide the eye of your viewers toward your best qualities to showcase your authenticity, authority, and personality. When you look the part of your success, you cast yourself as a leading expert in your field. Your confidence will wow your audience and keep them returning for more.

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