November 14, 2022

Five Secrets to Camera-Ready Makeup

I left the hair salon last week looking and feeling beautiful. My newly refreshed color and cut were shiny and voluminous with just the right amount of bounce and not a strand out of place. I held my head high as I walked with a bit of extra spring in my step. I even squeezed a few more errands into my schedule that afternoon to show off my new do around town. And yet, the whole time, I was thinking: 

“How will I ever get my hair to look like this again?” 

Can you relate? Perhaps you hired a makeup artist before an important event and loved the result. You smiled for the camera because you felt like you looked the part of your success. Your on-camera image perfectly casts you as a leading expert in your field– polished, put together, and radiantly confident. Perhaps, like me, you thought, “How am I ever going to get my makeup to look like this again?”

I’m so GLAD you asked.

As content creators, public speakers, and online brand-builders, we must contend with camera angles and lens distortion when we show up on social media, film a live interview or stream a virtual webinar. These unforgiving factors can make or break a solid online presence, ultimately impacting our connection with our audience.

Learning how to master your makeup can help you go from looking tired, dull, and washed-out in front of your audience to vibrant and magnetic on any media platform.

Expand your influence, boost business growth, and move your valuable message into the world with a powerful image to match your brand.

As a makeup coach, I teach entrepreneurs the following 5 Makeup Secrets so that they can do their own makeup like a pro to show up as the face of their brand, looking like they have a makeup artist in their back pocket. 

The 5 Secrets to Camera-Ready Makeup

  1. Choose skincare and full-coverage formulas for your skin type
  2. Choose a color palette that works best with your skin tone
  3. Adjust your color palette according to your skin’s undertone (warm, cool, or neutral)
  4. Work with your hair and eye color to optimize your makeup palette
  5. Tailor your makeup approach to fit your unique face shape, feature size, and settings

The size, setting, and shape of your facial features provide a map to your best look. The framework remains the same regardless of how you style these features to showcase your authenticity, authority, and personality. Master the 5 Makeup Secrets, and you can successfully recreate a gorgeous makeup look that is balanced, flattering, dynamic, and, most importantly, authentic to you and your brand.

Makeup artists and stylists are brilliant. I look forward to my next hair appointment and an afternoon of running errands in style. But these image enhancers don’t live with us, travel with us, or optimize our look for every live video or virtual appearance. Makeup is a skill. If we can learn how to sell our offers, motivate our followers, lead our teams, or systematize our businesses, we can master our onscreen makeup to look the part of our success.  

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