Welcome. I am here to show you how to harness the power of makeup in a way that draws attention to your message and signals authenticity and authority to your audience.

By successfully achieving your best look, you can show up for your next brand growth opportunity looking like you have a makeup artist in your back pocket. 




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As a performing artist for more than thirty years, I understand the unique demand of putting your best face forward beneath the glow of the lights and the camera.

If you are preparing for an upcoming brand shoot, promotional video, webinar recording or livestream appearance, I can show you how to apply makeup that matches your brand and draws attention to your message.

I believe that a powerful message and a confident image lead to unstoppable results. Together, we can cultivate something beautiful.

“Salina not only has a great understanding of color, but she really understands how to help you create a signature look that fits your personality and lifestyle. ”

how to help you create a signature look..."

"Salina really understands

Stephanie Richards
Founder + Director at Sow Grow PR, EsaltarÉ
 Designs & On Camera Fashion

"Salina perfectly executed a complex vision with such precision and pure talent that I was left in awe of the final product." 

of the final product!"

"I was left in awe

Masey Mclain
Actor, Singer/Songwriter, Author

“The breakthrough I have experienced in my personal image would not have been possible without Salina. Her recommendations are exceptional and I look forward to working with her again!”” 

working with her again!"

"I look forward to  

faith Lee
SFX Makeup Artist

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